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Council Waives Permit Fee for Colonial Theatre

Council Waives Permit Fee for Colonial Theatre

In a 7 to 1 decision, the Phoenixville Borough Council has waived $126,000 in permit fees that the Colonial Theatre would otherwise have had to pay for their expansion construction permit. Everyone on the council agreed that the Colonial Theatre is a community treasure, but the one nay voter expressed concern about setting precedent for future non-profits.

The entire council expressed interest in finding ways to help the theatre surpass any financial difficulties as it is in the process of trying to renovate and expand. Indeed, the Colonial Theatre is a staple of Phoenixville as a whole. It hosts many wonderful community events and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. It is a historic, beautiful building that is considered by many to be an integral part of the city as a whole.

Colonial Theatre executive director, Mary Foote, was appreciative of the council’s decision.

“It actually represents some of our major gifts as we’ve been working the last year to raise this money,” Foote said. “We are not at our goal yet… Every year we give away over 1,000 tickets to nonprofits to help them to raise money themselves in auction items and such. In the last couple years we have given over 300 free tickets to some of the nonprofits that give them directly to the families that they work with. So we try to give back. It’s not only the economic impact but we’re good community partners and this would be really a huge help.”

“The Colonial was the initial spark that started the revitalization of our (town),” stated council member Jennifer Mayo. “Some people saw what was going on at the Colonial and brought their businesses into town. It is a community treasure.”

For more information on the Colonial Theatre, visit their official website by clicking here.