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Living in Phoenixville

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Our small community of Phoenixville in Chester County is conveniently situated less than 30 miles outside of Philadelphia.  This allots us enough distance from the city to have a quaint hometown atmosphere, but places us close enough to enjoy all that the big city has to offer.

Our history stretches back almost 300 years, with a past that forged us as a leader in the steel industry.  Our community has endured tough economic changes in the past, yet we have persevered. In fact by 2010 we had so successfully reinvented ourselves that we were named an “Awesome Neighborhood” by Philadelphia Magazine; one of just 10 places statewide to receive such an honor.

Our prosperity continues and is reflected by our ever-growing popularity in the real estate market.  Many individuals and families choosing to live here are attracted by the idea of residing in a place that is historic and exciting, yet friendly and intimate.

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Our local life has become increasingly vibrant in recent years – with music festivals and great events for the whole family. Phoenixville lies on the Schuylkill River, which is lined with popular hiking trails. It also is close to Valley Forge National Park. The area’s climate and low annual rainfall makes it perfect for lovers of all seasons and the great outdoors.

For a small city, Phoenixville has truly punched above its weight when it comes to producing notables. Perhaps the best known of these is Golden Globe-winning actor, Kevin Bacon. You may not recognize the name of a former native, Harry A. Longabaugh – but you’ll certainly know his alias: “The Sundance Kid.” Several renowned sports people have called Phoenixville home: among them are baseball players Creighton Gubanich, Frank Zinn, and Andre Thornton, as well as Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Rich Kraynak. The city has also produced a state governor, Samuel W. Pennypacker. It seems that there’s something about the city that fosters excellence.

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The Phoenixville Historic District is among the largest sites in the region on the National Register of Historic Places. Here, you will find many interesting places to visit. Notably, the city was the site of the Phoenix Iron Works where a landmark still stands today. Read More

Phoenixville Homes For Sale

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Phoenixville Dining

Phoenixville has seen an explosion of choices for dining in the last few years. Bridge Street is the city’s dining mecca, with plenty of options for every taste. Try Franco Ristorante for classic takes on pizza and pasta, or the upmarket Majolica nearby for some of the best duck anywhere in the state. Read More

Shopping in Phoenixville

Phoenixville offers an enjoyable and diverse shopping experience. At its heart is the historic downtown, which attracts shoppers from all over Pennsylvania who are looking for something different. Here you’ll find a perfect blend of city efficiency and rural charm. Read More