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The Colonial Theatre

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227 Bridge Street Phoenixville, PA 19460

The magic of cinema is alive in Phoenixville. Even in a world of corporate domination of the film industry, here in Phoenixville the wonder lives on in the Colonial Theatre. This venue has all the grand glamour of old Hollywood and the appeal of an opera house. A visit to The Colonial Theatre is a must for any movie buff looking to experience a classic film, or anyone searching for adventure.

The Colonial Theatre has developed into a historic and festive site. Remodeled into a cinema in 1903 by Harry Brownback, the theatre was created to offer an artistic and cultural experience for the residents and guests of Phoenixville to enjoy. It’s Beaux-Arts architecture interior is a beautiful setting that enhances the experience of watching any film, and making viewers feel as if they are in a classic Hollywood theatre.  Featuring both films of the modern and classic eras from across the century – it’s a popular location for many to view their favorite films. Featuring Academy Award worthy films for the whole family, there really is something for everyone.

Executive Director of the Colonial Theatre, Mary Foote, has been involved with the venue since 1996 when she and others decided to save the theatre from closing down. Foote said that it has been a “great experience to see how a community can come together to impact the quality of their life through arts and culture.”

The Colonial Theatre hosts many other great attractions other than films. Exceptional performances and concerts are offered often for music aficionados. Guests such as Jake Shimabukuro, a talented ukulele player, will be filling the auditorium with wonderful music on March 28th. Locals and visitors flock to the annual viewings of “The Blob” during the Phoenixville Blobfest, which celebrates the film as well as the locations in Phoenixville where scenes of the movie were shot. It’s a terrific community experience that helps both The Colonial Theatre and Phoenixville thrive. In the near future, the Colonial Theatre has plans to expand so it can offer even more events, and activities for all to enjoy. Guests can also take guided tours of this great location.

“These old theatres offer many different things to people,” said Foote. “Some enjoy the historic value, others love the chance to see ‘backstage.’ People also enjoy learning about the expansion plans and our programming thoughts going forward.”

The Colonial Theatre is a guaranteed delight – with something for everyone throughout the year. After one visit, it’s sure to be the go-to destination for your future adventures in music or film.

Written By Marcus Wharry