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Phoenixville Local Boosted by Shark Tank Appearance

Shark Tank the Show

Phil Reitnour, a resident of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania saw his business boom overnight after his appearance on the popular TV show Shark Tank aired. Reitnour may not have had his idea selected on the show, but he certainly is not complaining now.

(I was) “never going out to look for a deal,” he said. “I was going out to look for exposure.”

He certainly got that. Once the show aired, his phone was ringing non-stop. In fact, he only got about 3 hours of sleep that night. Reitnour and his partner Jason Friedberg were pitching a product they dubbed “EmergenSee,” which allows the user to stream live audio, video, and their GPS location in case of an emergency. This live stream and location is sent to EmergenSee personnel who can then respond in real time.

The EmergenSee app also had hundreds of thousands of downloads within just half a day. Reitner describes the app as “911 on steroids” and parents seem to love it for various situations like when their kids go trick-or-treating or out somewhere with friends. What’s more, the National Association of Realtors says that all of their agents should get the app due to it’s ability to protect them when doing house showings.