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Stephanie’s House Helps Adults With Autism


Stephanie’s House was started in 2009 by a mother who realized that her daughter, Stephanie, would have nobody to look after her later in her life. Her mom realized that many people like Stephanie with autism do not have programs to help take care of them in their adult lives.

The creation of Stephanie’s House, Inc. – a non-profit 501c3 – means that more and more adults with autism will have a home to live in and the care that they need once their parents or loved ones can no longer take care of them. Indeed, Stephanie’s House is truly “breaking some ground, creating some new rules, and forging a path for those 1 in 50 parents who will need to care for an adult with autism.”

If you would like to volunteer with Stephanie’s House or send a donation, then please visit their official website by clicking here. Be a part of something truly amazing by helping these adults move into their own life home. A home “conceived in love. purchased in love,” and that is “a legacy of love.”