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Check Out BODY WORLDS: Animals Inside Out

Dear with out their skin at the museum

If you are looking to enjoy an enlightening, artistic, and amazing educational experience, then check out BODY WORLDS: Animals Inside Out. This great exhibit will be running until April 12th at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

While here, guests can “explore the intricate biology, zoology, and physiology of the world’s most spectacular creatures, large and small.” The exhibit is designed for people of all ages to learn about unique qualities of various animals and take in interesting facts like, “why reindeer can navigate on icy ground, what the giraffe’s tongue is capable of, and why bulls have such incredible strength.”

Guests are sure to come to appreciate nature even more as they wind there way through this marvelous exhibit. They will see the similarities and differences between humans and other animals while observing animals that have been meticulously preserved via a process known as “plastination.”

Plastination was invented by Dr. von Hagens and it enables bodies to be preserved through the use of non-decaying materials. Coming here means seeing over 100 different animals while learning and having fun. You can buy your tickets online by clicking here.

The Franklin Institute is located at 271 North 21st Street in nearby Philadelphia.

*No animals were harmed or killed for use in this exhibit.