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Experience an Amazing World of Watery Wonder

a fish in the water

Photo by: Lena C.

Go beneath the waves for a thrilling aquatic experience at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. The mysteries and excitement of the undersea world are revealed in a new and fascinating style that families will love.

This is the only aquarium in the United States to feature the extraordinary Great Hammerhead Shark, which is among the largest species of shark on the planet – as well as being one of the rarest. Of course, there is a lot more to the aquarium than that: wherever you turn, you’ll find fishy entertainment overflowing from every display.

“Two million gallons of fun” is how the Adventure Aquarium describes itself, and with that amount of water, it’s not surprising that there’s a whole lot to enjoy. The Shark Tunnel, for one, is a dramatic 40-foot walkway that is suspended in the giant shark tank, allowing you to get up close and personal to these mighty hunters of the sea, while in perfect safety and without getting wet.

The aquarium caters to its younger guests with the KidZone playground, which offers the chance to have active fun in an environment designed to make kids really feel like are exploring deep in the ocean. There are also touch-themed exhibits – no fewer than seven of them – that allow visitors to get right up close to sharks, captivating stingrays, and many more creatures of the deep.

Entertainment is at the heart of the visitor experience here. People come not only from Camden, but from all over the region to experience the amazing 4D Theater, which takes stunning 3D movies and adds an extra element with effects including water sprays and vibrating seats. Don’t be surprised if you find your heart beating a little faster when a whale swims by on the screen.

An event that nobody will want to miss, whether they’re young or just young at heart, is Penguins at Play! Every day (twice daily on weekends) these adorable flightless birds have a public feeding show. A biologist from the aquarium will be on hand to give some details about just how tough these deceptively cute creatures really have to be to survive in their naturally frozen homes.

Newer to the aquarium is Hippo Haven. This spectacular new environment, full of light and color, will bring guests right into the heart of these fascinating animals’ lives, allowing them to get close and learn about these magnificent creatures.

There are many other special events to be enjoyed at the aquarium. Frogs: Nature’s Messenger will let you discover more than 20 different frogs, from the smallest to the most enormous, and find out just how they see the world around them. Other amphibians will be included in the event too – don’t miss the vast cane toad!

The Adventure Aquarium is open every day of the year, from 11 am to 5 pm. Standard admission costs $24.95, or $18.95 for those age 12 and under. If you’re caught by the romance of the sea, though, you’re likely to want to return again and again, and a range of season Explorer Passes are available. These give a whole year’s admission, as well as a variety of other benefits, including discount parking and after-hours entry.

To find out more about the aquarium, call toll-free at (856) 365-3300 or visit the website at www.adventureaquarium.com