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Dine in Style at Vetri

Dine in Style at VetriPhoto by: John K.


If you are looking for amazing food in a wonderful atmosphere, then dine in style at Vetri this week. With an award-winning chef and award-winning food, this is the spot to go if you are craving savory fare and an unparalleled, 5-star dining experience.

Chef Adam Leonti has masterfully created a tasting menu-only format for $155 per person (reservations only) that showcases his creativity via an always-evolving selection of delectable dishes. The menu is modified just for you when you arrive and they will make accommodations for dietary restrictions and allergies.

The current menu has 22 different items on it that range from seafood and salads to pastas, soups, and desserts. Click here to see the most up-to-date offerings found at Vetri.

Notably, Vetri also has cooking classes with upcoming focuses covering chocolate confections, pasta making, and preparation of fish. Click here to see more information on these classes and other upcoming events.

Verti is located at 1312 Spruce Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reservations are required for dining at Vetri, so please call (251) 732-3478 to reserve your table in advance. Visit their official website to learn more about this wonderful restaurant.